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Additional work on Green card

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I got my green card under the EB1b category in October 2016, which was sponsored by my employer. I am still working with the same employer as a professor in a university. 

Is it possible to work additionally for an unrelated field (e.g. drive an uber, work at an electronic store, etc.) while still continuing to work as a professor at my current job. Is it going to affect my path to citizenship if I work additionally in an unrelated field. 

Please let me know the rules/thoughts. 


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You can work in a side job, if your employer allows it.

Be aware that an Uber driver makes less than minimum wage, after all the gas, car insurance, and car upkeep are considered...


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50 minutes ago, ash24 said:

Thanks. Why will the employer need to know about this job?

A lot of employment contracts have clauses that allow side jobs only when the employer approves them.

One reason for that is that they don't want people to work for a competitor on the side. They also want people to direct their full attention to their job.

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