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Green Card Processing

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Hi Team,

1. I am currently residing in United States on H1B status. I have my H1B validation up to June 2019.  I wanted to start my Green Card processing through my EMPLOYER on EB2 category. In order to get/approve my I-140, how long does it takes?

Is there any premium processing for Labor PERM, I-140 both. If so, could you please let me know the premium processing amount?

2. I have one more option to try for a GreenCard. My sister (sibling) will become U.S. Citizen by May2018. Is there any possibility to apply my GreenCard through her? If so, How long does it takes to get my I-140 in this case?

If I apply through My EMPLOYER & also through my sister, will there be any conflict occurs?


Please suggest a better way to approach. 

Thank you.




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F4 preference category is backlogged by 13 years. This is sponsorship by your sister. You will need to maintain your own status in the meantime. EB2 is currently backlogged by 9 years for Indian born applicants. I suggest that you have to give the matter considerable thought.

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As you know there are 3 steps to Green card for employment based. You should start PERM (first step) right away. This will take about a year. and then do second step of I-140, which is about 3-4 months. Once it is approved you will be waiting for PD to becomes current. This can be too long but you can then keep extending your H1b unlimited.

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