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Effect on EB1C/L1A of company selling off of subsidiary

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In my case, 

I have been an employee of an  american company (A) through its subsidiary in India and recently moved to the US on L1A to work in their US office.

After I moved to US, the  company A has been acquired by another company (say Z).

Z has merged all of A  with itself as a Z.  However, I hear that Z might be planning to spin off a part of it as a separate company and sell it ( and I am working in that part that they are probably intending to sell )..

If this subsidiary part is indeed sold to buyer company, 

1. Will I be able to continue to work for the sold subsidiary (since my L1 visa in the name of company A ) or will I have to return to the parent company A ( now part of Z).

2. Will I be able to apply for EB1C given that the sold part was originally a part of A ?   Post sale, the new firm may no longer be an affiliate of Am( or Z).










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A is no longer in the picture. You need to touch base with your supervisor in either remnant company to ask whether they will be successors in interest and take over your Immigration responsibilities.

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