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B2 Visa Rejected Twice for Single Parent

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Hi, Thanks for having the wonderful platform to clarify the questions.

I am planning to bring my mom (Widow & home maker) and younger sister ( Studying BSC third year) to US on B2 Visa.

So, I have applied B2 Visa for both in single slot on August (2017) in Chennai Consulate. I have applied as Self sponsorship and opted the Tamil interview. The interview goes as below:

My mom and sister went in to the panel.

Mom : Greeted the officer.
VO : Greeted back, Where are you going to US.
Mom : Connecticut.
VO : Who is staying there ?
Mom: My son & Daughter in Law.
VO : How long you are planning to stay ?
Mom : 5 months.
VO : (Pointing to my sister) Is she your daughter ?
Mom : Yes
VO : What is she doing ?
Mom : She is studying BSC.
VO : Which year?
Mom : Third Year.
VO: Is she Married?
Mom : No
VO : What is your husband doing ?
Mom : He expired.

After this, the Visa officer went inside and had some chat with another officer. In a while, VO came back and gave us 214 b.

We thought , applying for my mom and sister in a single slot would have been a mistake and also I have decided to sponsor for them this time instead of self sponsor.

We prepared all the needed forms and documents for sponsorship and applied again only for my mom on Jan - 2018. Again on Chennai consulate in Tamil.

The interview happened as below:

Mom : Greeted VO
VO: Where are you going to US ?
Mom : Connecticut.
VO: How many months you are planning to stay ?
Mom : Two months.
VO : What are you doing ?
Mom : I am a home maker and pensioner.
VO : Pension ?
Mom : My husband worked in Government office and now I am getting the Pension.
VO : What is your husband's age?
Mom : He died.
VO : Issued 214 (b)

We didn't know what we are missing. We are desperate to bring them here on April. We are looking for help for the below questions ?

When can we apply again ?
In both the times, the visa was rejected after the officer asked about my Dad. As my mom is a widow and home maker, please advise the best approach to maximize the likelihood of clearing the interview.

Thanks in Advance!

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There have been cases like these where they got visa on 3rd or 4th interview, wish you good luck, reach out to attorney if you've any questions which the forum is unable to clarify.

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I wish you luck for the next VISA interview. though I do not have any advice for you (as I am on the same situation), I would like to know, if the VO took back any of your Photocopies for documentation purpose (like ur work authorization, passport copy etc.). in my case my sister's VISA got rejected with 214 but the VO took my work related document copies.

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