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need help regarding h4 to F1 COS

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I have applied for the COS in Sep 2017. 

It went to VSC. I will be done with my course by June 2018. As I have the quarter system and can go for stamping in march 2018 with new I-20. 

Can anyone please answer the below queries:- 

1) Should I withdraw the COS application (mandatory by university) and then try for stamping or do I have any hope on getting the F1 approval till May 2018? 

2) If F1 - COS is approved during my course, can I go for the stamping after the completes and I am on OPT?

3) Also my h4 visa will get over in july 2018. Should I apply for extension?

4) Can I go for the F1 stamping during my OPT if approved via COS as I will not be having a I-20 at that time.

Thanks in advance for your replies. .

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my situation is an L2 child (turned 21 in Jan 2018), case recvd Aug 2017.

I’m still waiting for my decision, but I’m flying out in AUG 2018 for consular stamping and decided to withdraw i539 from that day.

please could you share, if you have received any case updates. It would be really helpful.

i have not consulted any attorney yet but please advise if you think attorney consultation would be useful before I fly out.



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