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H4 EAD expired and renewal is pending - Can I continue working?

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Hello Everyone,

My H-4 EAD got expired and I have already applied for the extension on 25th September. The current status is "Case was received". I have raised two SR ticket after 75 days and 100 days. I got the reply saying "an officer has been assigned to your case for both the tickets. I don't see any way to expedite the process but to wait.

My question is:

1. My employer is ready to still employ me and pay me and willing to take the risk. How much risk this step involves?

2. What will be the impact on my status?

3. What is the best route I should be taking?  

Can anyone please help me out? I really appreciate. 

Thank You. 

Edited by dragon1234

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Try scheduling an infopass appointment and check with the uscis agent. I read in few blogs, that agent would contact the person handling your application and try to resolve the process in couple of days when it's been more than 100 days.



Schedule it in the center repsonsible for your city. Best wishes !!


Usually I read suggestions like to me on loss of pay from expiry date until you receive new card..

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1. If your employer is OK, you should continue working.

2. The onus is on him with civil penalties if he is found out and that is extremely unlikely. In view of the long delay, you both will be OK.

3. See 1. and 2.

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Hi Dragon1234,


were you able to continue your employment? was there any impact? i am in the same situation so just wanted to confirm. can you please let me know.

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