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O1 CS Applicant

O-1 Visa Case Evaluation

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I am a research scientist working in the area of AI for a reputed MNC company in their India branch (for around 5 years). I am currently trying to relocate to the US from India within the same company. However, the company's attorney is suggesting that I take up an L-1 visa initially and then apply for an EB-1 category while filing GC. I am wondering if I should directly try for an O-1 visa due to the following credentials I possess: - a) PhD in CS from a reputed research institution in India (IIT) b) More than 25 peer-reviewed research publications in top-notch conferences/journals c) More than 120 citations (excluding self-citations) d) Best Research Paper Award in a reputed international conference. e) More than 6 invitations to review reputed journal papers, numerous conference papers, M.S (Research) and Ph.D thesis f) 4 reference letters from renowned researchers in the area (who have worked with me).
I need an opinion on: 
a) Should I directly apply for an O-1 visa? If so, what are chances of qualifying?
b) Is applying for L-1B and then filing under EB-1 for GC a possible option? If so, will there be any risk associated with this?
Any help would be highly appreciated,

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If you are wanting a second opinion about your credentials and the possibility of EB1, you should run your detailed credentials by the firm of Murthy or any of your choice. As regards O1, you would need a job offer .

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