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Need guidance if eligible to Apply for Citizenship

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I Got my Green Card through Marriage to a US Citizen on Dec 19th 2010. But we were living in Australia with a re entry permit. I used 2 Re entry Permits and Moved to USA permanently in Dec 5th 2015.
Dates In USA:

Entered first on Dec 19th 2010 and Left on 23rd Feb 2011

Entered on Nov 20 2012 and Left on 24th Jan 2013.

Entered on July 23rd 2013 and left on 19th Sep 2013.

Entered on Dec 5th 2015 and left on 19th Jun 2016

Entered on Aug 15th 2016 and staying...

Will i be eligible to apply citizenship using the 2 year 1 day Rule from Dec 5th 2015 or do i need to wait till Dec 5th 2018.

My doubt is because of the stay Away from USA from 19th Sep 2013 - Dec 5th 2015 with a Valid Re entry permit.( 2year 2months)

Can you please let me know or can i have any Number to call and verify from USCIS.

My Husband and son are US Citizens.

Husband is a US citizen since Jan 2010 and Son is US Citizen Since Jan 2011.


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