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Attestation for H4 EAD renewal using receipt number of I140 Petition

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I want to renew H4 EAD and I don't have I140 approval copy as my old employer didn't provide it but I have document of "Receipt Number of the approved Form I140 petition". USCIS mentioned we can renew/new H4 EAD using this document. My I140 is still active.

I observed, while browsing, "Demonstrate the inability of First Evidence and submit secondary evidence (May be Attestation)". 

Could someone help me here what exactly we need to attest and how to demonstrate. If anyone applied new/renew H4 EAD, using I140 petition, please share their recommendations.

USCIS mentioned as
"Examples of Secondary Evidence. If you do not have any evidence relating to the H-1B nonimmigrant as described in “a” or “b” above, you may ask USCIS to consider secondary evidence in support of your application for work authorization as an H-4 spouse. For example, such information may include the receipt number of the most current Form I-129 extension of stay request filed for the H-1B nonimmigrant or the receipt number of the approved Form I-140 petition filed for the H-1B nonimmigrant. Failure to provide necessary information about the H-1B nonimmigrant may result in a delay in the adjudication or denial of your application for employment authorization."

        Appreciate your help.


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