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H1 RFE - Work Product - Employee Employer relationship

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I have got RFE on my H1 extension and the query which my employer has received mentions to provide evidence documenting maintenance of valid employer-employee relationship throughout the H1B approval period.
It lists points as to what all can be submitted. Few items are straightforward like pay stubs, W2, tax returns and so on. I need clarification on one point referring to work product which is stated as below:

Work product from Beneficiary for the Previous validity period : provide documentary examples of work product created or produced by the beneficiary for the past H1B validity period, (i.e., copies of: business plans, reports, presentations, evaluations, recommendations, critical reviews, promotional materials, designs, blueprints, newspaper articles, web-site text, news copy, photographs of prototypes, etc.). Note: The materials must clearly substantiate the author and date created. 

Throughout the tenure of my last valid H1B, I have worked for the same client (still doing so). 

Can someone please elaborate on what all can be submitted to support this point? Would a word document which lists high level overview about the projects I have worked on for this client, my role in it, my responsibilities, project duration etc would be sufficient?

I have mostly played a project lead and software architect role so I do have software architectural diagrams/flows, few presentations etc. which I have created for some projects/initiatives in last three years. However, I am not sure if all those can be shared because wouldn't those documents be client confidential and considered client's Intellectual Property? I don't think I am allowed to share those with anyone outside. What is the best way to handle this situation and provide the response.  

Any guidance would be helpful. I have a computer science degree and over 13 years of IT experience. I am in my 9th year of H1b (I-140 approved).


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Establishing Employee- Employer relationship is something very simple to respond for the attorneys.

They could do it by submitting various details like how you communicate to your employer, project status and project related communication, yearly appraisal, insurance etc etc

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