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H1b extension denied and i94 expired

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My i94 got expired this month and 2 days back i got my h1b denied . Before that i got 2 rfe’s and in second rfe response i got denial . Can someone please let me know the next steps . 


1. Can my company ask for an appeal ? 

2 . If yes , then am i legal to stay till that time.

3. Can i file a new petition from US itlsed ? 

4. If not , then can i file in cam exempt from ny hone country ? 

5. Chances of getting appeal response in favour ? 

Please update . 

Thanks in anticipation.


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Hi Ish

Can I please know the reason for denial ?

1.Yes you can ask for a appeal.

2. Check with a your attorney. People in this forum we saying that you could stay upto 30-60 days but not exactly sure.

3. Yes

5.Chances differ from case to case.



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Sorry to hear

are you a full time employee for a client  or a consultant work at a client location?

whats your degree in?

if your I94 expired, out of status.

filing for appeal doesn’t grant any status


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