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GC Holder wants to marry and get wife.

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Hi Friends,

My son who completed medicine in India is a GC holder. He is eligible to apply for naturalization in Dec, 2018. 

He has written the USMLE exams and applied for Residency this year. Waiting for interviews.

He is going to marry a doctor who is in India. Marriage is on 29th Dec 2017.

After that he needs to bring her on visa.

She had applied for a visitor's visa and got denied.

I want to know what are the options to bring her.

Please help me with this.



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There is pretty much none.

Family category 2A, spouse of a Permanent Resident, has a backlog of 2 years.

Once he becomes a US citizen, there is no quota for spouses.


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13 hours ago, directory0818 said:

1. Apply visitors visa again after marriage and try your luck

2. Get an admission and try f1 stamping

3. Get a job and try h1

An F1, like a visitor visa, doesn't allow immigration intent. With being married to an LPR, it is rather hard to argue that she will return back to her home country.

For an H1, applying would only be possible in April 2018, for a start date of Oct. 2018.

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