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starting N400 filing please advise

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hello experts
so "I THINK" im eligible to file for my N-400 now.
The date on my green card is 01/19/2013
i WAS 32 years old when i got it.
Im married a Non US Citizen and she got her GC on the same date.

I was out of the country 41 Days during the 5 years while I was on GC.

She was out of the country 163 Days during the 5 years she was on GC.

Does that push our eligibility date forward? (i hope not)

Also as per the document check-list and the N-400 form , seems like the only documents we need to send with the application forms are:

2 pictures.
filing fee check.
green card back and front.

Please someone tell me if i am wrong or I am missing a document.

Also i dont completely understand the selective service question
I came on F-1 and i was 21 and never knew about selective service and never filed for it. Can someone please help me understand what to do here?

All help and advice is very much appreciated

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If you received your green card at age 32, then "Selective service" rule is not applicable to you. Your previous visa is non-immigrant visa. So even if you stayed in USA between age 18 to 26, you are still exempt from registering. 

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Please do not use your initiative and only send the documents requested. Selective Service does not apply to F1 students. As long as you fulfill the requirements in M-476 at the time of the OATH, you are eligible.

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If you really want, you can go the the Selective Services website (sss.gov) and get a status letter showing that you were not required to register.

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Hi Kingkoopa

Where did you see the requirement for 2 photo? Per M-477, the photos are required only of you are reside out of united states.

Could you please confirm?

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Hi Kk

Attaching the screenshot of the document checklist. The Point # 3, clearly states that photo is required only when  you are residing out of US

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