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How many days to stay in USA before status change?

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If someone visits to USA over B1/B2 Visa and would like to get marry in USA. How many days he/she needs to stay in USA before status change?

For Ex.: B1/B2 Visa holders visits USA and gets marry to H1-B Visa holder person, then how many days one should stay in USA before getting or registering the marriage in USA?Thanks!



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Heard from reliable source that any person coming to USA over non-immigration Visa should spend at least 90 days before changing to some other status. Just want to confirm this legal rule over the situation when someone visiting to USA over B1/B2 Visa and get married to H1 Visa holder. In this case, does it need to wait 90 days before getting marry?

Please guide.

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Check this out


In the current climate think carefully before taking things lightly. At the very most ignore a forum and discuss any specific issues with the firm of Murthy or any of your choice. Even my previous post was not correct. If the consular Officer back home decides you misrepresented the situation by entering on a B2 visa and getting married and then applied for a H4 visa, you are in trouble. Talk to a Lawyer.

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