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H4 EAD application withdrawal

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I have  filed  EAD application in september end and it is not yet approved. This EAD validity , if approved would be till may 2018 , as my husband's I140 is  currently valid till then.

This December ,my husband is planning to apply  for H1B extension (I140 expiry- May) along with my H4 and EAD extension again.

Hence want to know if we can cancel  my earlier EAD application. With the current rumours surrounding around the cancellation of H4 EAD by end of this year, I just want to make sure I get my EAD extended  for another 3 years and not till just next year May.





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have  filed  EAD application in september end and it is not yet approved

-> any ead application would take min. 3-4 months.

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As I mentioned, my husband I140 is pending an extension in Dec this year. So if EAD applied by me in september is taking too long , is it possible to cancel that and apply me EAD extension finally in Dec?

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You can of course send them a letter with the case number, withdrawing the EAD. Sometimes, they ignore such letters, though. And the money is gone, of course.

Now, I have no heard the rumors you mention, but if you apply again in December and the EAD rule is canceled at the end of the year, you EAD would likely not get approved at all. If the rule changes, they are unlikely to continue processing already filed applications.

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