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Tax withholding questions on paycheck from employer

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I moved to a employer last month and been getting higher federal tax cuts than I anticipated. I have few questions and may need a one-on-one with a tax expert. Can I avail any such services here.

Sorry to post it here if its not a right place. Please refer me to a right forum to ask such questions.





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It is not possible to have a one-on-one on a forum.

If you need a tax lawyer, go to the website of your state Bar Association. They have referral services.

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Higher tax cuts can mean anything. The location, the deductions you are claiming on your W4. Please compare the deductions on your W4 from this employer to the previous one and see what the difference is. If every thing is the same, then you need to consult a tax lawyer as mentioned by Joe. Do some research to understand what could be different first. Taxes are not cut according to our anticipation, it is cut based on the deductions we are claiming.

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