I-129 Denial for H1B Petition

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I am on H1B for employer A with Client A1 last year, I almost crossed 230 days period in my extension and received an RFE. By the time I received RFE, I was with another Client B1. But the RFE documents requested towards client A1. In meantime I switched employer B and revoked Petition with employer A. I received RFE recently towards client B1 with employer B, All supporting documents towards RFE (client B1 & employer B) was submitted and finally received a I-129 Denial. 

I don't have valid I94 to stay any longer. What are the options remains to stay lawfully here, I have kids with schools in middle and spouse working here, Please respond my Questions asap,

1) Shall I find a new employer and stay on receipt notice, Provided the petition received date is with in the mentioned set departure date in denial ?

2) Apply new I-129 from same employer B with in set departure date in denial and stay based on receipt date ?


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You don't have a valid I94, I believe you need to leave US. Contact an attorney now.

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If spouse is on H1/L1, convert to H4/L2 and you can stay as long as the primary applicant has an approved petition. 

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