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Stay length for green card holder

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My mom has green card but he usually comes to US only once in a year and stay for 1 or 2 months and go back home. I heard about new rule that they have to stay for 6 months or longer. Can any body pl let me know what's the rule there.

Would really appreciate your kind response.

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The rule has always been that GC holders make their home here and stay here for a majority of the time and pay taxes on worldwide income subject to tax treaties. Either she needs to come and stay here with short visits of say 3 months an year abroad or she needs to withdraw her GC and apply for a tourist visa for which a lawyer will be useful. One of her coming visits will result in revocation of her Gc and you might as weel think about it now.

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That is not a new rule, but was always the case.

A Permanent Resident has to live in the US, the US *is* the home. It is NOT and has NEVER been enough just to visit the US once in a while.

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