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Leave of Absence for 90 days immediately after arrival in USA on H1B

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My H1B petition for a USA company say "ABC" got approved w.e.f October 2016 for client "X". I got H1B approved in January, 2017 which is valid for December, 2018. I came to USA on 29.03.2017 and then waited for 3 months to get offer of a new role from Client"Y" of same company "ABC". I started working for "ABC" w.e.f. 29.06.2017 for client "Y" as per terms and conditions of original LCA.
A new LCA for new role and hiked wages for client "Y" is filed by "ABC" which is effective from 14.07.2017. Therefore, I started working from 14.04,2017 for client "Y" as per official records. Now my employer  i.e "ABC" is asking me to apply for Leave of Absence for 90 days to regularise this period (29.03.2017 to 29.06.2017) when I didn't get salary and paychecks.
My questions are: 
1) How it would affect my H1B status? 
2) What is the best way now to justify reasons for this LOA for RFE during H1B extension, if any? I don't have any documentary proofs for LOA on basis of medical leave or any other personal issues.

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1. Your status is already affected. Such leaves are not helpful. Look for another sponsor. Consider following the law and complain to the Federal DOL on form WH4. Do not get deeper in to trouble. Your rogue employer is trying to implicate you along with him in this mess so that you will not complain.

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