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vikram bhokre

Amendment filed for new client got RFE

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Hi Attorney,

I am software engineer working for one of the MNC's. Company filed my H1B Visa and i got petition valid till october 2018.My old petition was for one of the project in Cincinnati now i have joined new project for new client in Portland. Now my new project have filed for amendment of the valid H1B petition for new location(portland) and i have got RFE as a response. I have submitted all the documents required for RFE now waiting for new petition. Before getting RFE response when i have received I797-C,I129 form and LCA posting document for Portland location. My stamping is done with the help of above documents.

So now am i eligible to travel with the above documents and old petition as my new petition is yet to arrive...?

Or do i need to wait for new petition and again get Visa stamped then i can travel..? Please respond


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