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I got an RFE on STEM OPT asking for below information.

Employment Position

Please provide your employment position and proof of employment for your STEM Optional Practical Training(OPT). Evidence of employment may include but is not limited to:

Letter(s) from employer(s) establishing job title(s), duties,location, pay rate and number of hours worked per week.

Copies of your earning statements/paystubs

Copies of your W2s

If you worked for an employment agency or consultancy, you must provide evidence of the jobs you worked on and dates worked. Additionally, if you worked remotely(telework, assigned to client site, etc.). please notate such in your employment history.

I am not sure if I should send complete OPT employment history or just the employment proof of the job  and dates when started on STEM OPT status.

Please advise.





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