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Hi All,

I recently started a new job but I am also member of  my company through which I have income.

Before starting new job , I was doing contracts thru my own company and running payroll (same case for my wife)

I still own company and have income in it. I will be eligible for citizenship very soon.

1) Should I continue payroll in my  own company as well? If Yes, I list 2 jobs?

2) Throughout should I call it "Self Employment"? I had payroll, W2s and dividends from my company.

3) If I stop my payroll- DO I still list my own company as employer or self employed since there is income and I will take dividends?

4) My new Job is remote in another state- I work from home. So which address should I give - my home or their head office in another state?


Thank you very much in advance!


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Once you have a GC, it doesn't matter. They don't rip your head off during naturalization.

Just list the facts.


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I think you are getting too involved in minutiae. Just fill up employment details to the best of your ability . The first employer is your company which I assume is incorporated as a business. Your remote job is from your home address. If they ask any questions at the Interview and I doubt they will, just explain what the situation is. They are not going to question you in detail in the 5-10 minutes or less they spend with you at the Interview.

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