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I have recently transferred my H1B and have started working on a new project with the new employer. This month I got my salary credited which is less than offerred, also I have been asking my employer to provide paystub and he is giving me excuses I feel.

I have got a very good rapport with the client and I am a key resource. Since my employer is making excuses on giving pay stub I am thinking of threatening him that I dont wanna work illegally without you providing me pay stubs and paying less and I would go ahead and escalate it to the client and tell to take some action against my employer.

As every employer is scared of their clients and client can go ahead and cancel its contract with the employer if the employee complains about some wrong doings. I have valid H1B with my previous employer so even if the contract terminates client can make contract with my previous employer.

Please provide your advice on whether threatening to go to the client and escalating things would scare of my employer so that he starts providing me proper salary and salary stub. Would appreciate quick response.

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Did you get a copy of the LCA? The employer is required by law to give that to you.

If you are not paid according to the LCA, or if you didn't get the LCA copy, you can file a complaint with DOL on form WH4.

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Thanks for your response. I did receive LCA and H1B receipt from the employer. Now he has provided me the paystub but it doesnt have any employer details like employer name, address. All the paystub has is my name, address and salary details. Please let me know if USCIS will accept this paystub in future for h1b transfer.

Is there any mandatory format for employers to provide paystub?

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