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In-Laws DS-160 (immediate relative, usa contact info)

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I have a Question when In-laws Applying for visiting visa. They are going to pay for trip themselves.

What should be  given in DS-160 for following items

1) Family Information  ( Daughter or Son-in-law info here?  Daughter is on H4 visa, Son in law on H1B visa) -

Note: last year i filed H1B amendment(work location change) but my wife H4 was not added in amendment since her previous i-797/I-94 is valid till end of  2018. now i have new i-797/I-94 for H1B amendment also got date extended to November 2019 (previous one was till end of 2018).


2) US Contact Information  ( Daughter or son-in-law?) 


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Yes, provide your information as contact info & for financial information they can provide their documents/funds based on local banks and provide CA statement with conversion details as per current $ value.

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