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H1B status - Employer didn't provide any project and no payroll

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Hi Team,

I'm on H1B status ( with employer A) and I came to USA on May 12th , 2017. Since May 2017 ,I'm on bench with no projects and no pay until now. My employer was inefficient to provide me projects/work and now my employer wants me to leave to India in couple of days as I'm on bench with no pay. The employer miserably failed to fetch me the projects/job and didn't pay my salary. Infact, I paid to the employer to process my H1B and flew to USA with my own expenses. Now, the employer has turned me down and I'm not in a position to bare my expenses to travel back  India. I lost a good job in India and lost around $6K for H1B processing and flight ticket expenses. This guys have given a false commitment. Now, my pockets are empty and left me now where now. How can I get my money back from my employer which I spent on H1B processing and flight expenses. They ripped me totally. I want my money back so that I can leave to India. Please suggest how to proceed legally on this employer to have my entire money back . I have H1B stamping,I-797 with me. Also please let me know if I can get my money back 


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Yes you can get your money back, complain on WH4 to DOL and give all the evidence and show the proof that you have given money for your H1b and even if you are on bench your employer should pay as per the law so if you complain with all details and proof, this employer get punished, so before you leave to india please do this.



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