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Conversion of status to H4 EAD- Having I-140 approved

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Hi All,

I am currently working on H1-B and my 6th year will be ending by this year Nov-2017 and I got I-140 approved in last month.
My Husband is also on H1-B and had I-140 approved 
Due to some situations I want to change my status to H4-EAD.
So, I need your suggestion on H4-EAD conversion from my current H1-B.
Please help me out with these questions
1. Can I move to H4 through my Husbands's H1-B and acquire H4-EAD?If So What will happen to my I-140?

If so
1) What will happen to my I-140? My GC process still be under processing or else it will be invalid?
2) What is the process of converting from H1 to H4 EAD ?What is the average duration for conversion
3) Can H4 and EAD applied simultaneously?If so What is the average duration for conversion? 
4) If I want to come back to H1 B,Do I come under H1 B cap?
5) Is it a better option to move to H4 than losing a valid H1-B?

I would really appreciate if someone could suggest me on this.
Thanks in advance.

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H4 and GC are two different things. Nothing happens to the I-140.

H4 and EAD can be filed the same time, but the EAD will only be processed once the H4 is approved. Oh, and H4-EAD isn't a status. H4 is a status. The EAD is just work authorization granted to certain people in H4 status.


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