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Got entry/Exit report from CBP for N400.. Report has extra entires

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Hello Gurus

this post is slightly different. I am in process of applying for my naturalization and for the pupuse of travel history , I filed a request with CBP ( US custom ad border protection) for my last 5 year travel history. I had multiple travel to Canada in year 2013 and my passport did not have all the entry stamps , for Entry to US. I got the Entry/Exit report for mine from CBP.

The report shows exit record, identified by my passport number as document ID and entry record, identified by my green card number. 

The report has one exit record, for which there is no document ID.  there is no entry record for this exit ( normally, if you have traveled our and come back to US,  the report will show an outbound record ( exit) and an inbound record ( entry). This exit record is on a date, when I did not travel out of US. I have my credit card details , that shows I was in US as I did purchases near my home. This exit records looks to be error

1) Anybody else has faced this scenario?

2) Any suggestions on how to handle this?  Should I consider this as a mistake and go ahead and file my N-400 with the travel history details  shown in the report , excluding this redundant entry

I know this is little confusing and different, still hoping to get some guidence



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You should put the travel dates as you know in the N-400 form and any discrepancies, if asked then can be explained during the interview.

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You may also request entry and exit report from US (It's call ed some freedom act and I replied long time back)- . It also took 8-10 months at that time. You can cross validate US entry with Canada exit. However not sure if you can wait that long for report to come ( or hopefully US borders processes it faster now)

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What Pontevecchio said.

Don't make it complicated. I kept track of my travel with an Excel spreadsheet, and even though some entry stamps were missing, there was no issue for my naturalization.

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