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Citizen Ship filing process.

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I have been on GC for last more than 5 years. I got my GC with one of the company as a future employment. But I did not work for that company so far. Would it be all OK to file my Citizen ship in this case or do I have to work for that company before I file a Citizen ship?

Your help is much appreciatedd.





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A lot depends on the circumstances. Ordinarily you should not have a problem filing. PLEASE discuss the matter with a Lawyer first to cover your bases.

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During citizenship interview there is high chance they might ask you about this and you should be prepared to clarify that.

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2 hours ago, panchumarthi1200 said:

thanks to you both for the reply. Do you guys have any suggestions for me on how to answer if the question is asked during the interview process?



You have to answer truthfully, of course. Why is that even a question?

As was mentioned, discuss this with a good immigration lawyer.

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Just low key it and say it was a better career move. Do not explain unless SPECIFICALLY asked and then state a one sentence reply without going in to specifics. MOST likely the point will not come up. You seem to have a exaggerated view of the Interview. You will greet each other and she will ask you whether the facts in your form are filled truthfully and are right. She will converse with you in a couple of sentences and ask you to write down answers to a few of the 100 questions. That will be the end. If there is any problem, you will get an RFE and not an Interview.

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