Immigration for non-English speaking Indians

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Hi, my parents can't speak and understand English very well and are visiting USA for the first time. I am really worried how they will handle US immigration part where the immigration officer may ask few basic questions. Their port of entry is New York (JFK) and I was wondering if there is a way to arrange for a Hindi speaking officer/translator earlier from my end. Something similar to the way we request for a regional language translator during visa interview. Thank you.

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No such translator on the US entry side.


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I doubt they will have any trouble as long as you explain the procedures like Fingerprinting and looking at the camera. Worst case they will have secondary inspection and the CBP can get a translator if and only if needed. Methinks you are reading too much in to the situation and your folks  are probably not worried about entry procedures. You have to remember many Europeans do not speak English and still manage to visit the USA.

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