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Administrative Processing since very long time

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This is with reference to my H1-B Visa Application, which is in Administrative Processing since very long time, almost 1.4. yr

Kindly find more details of all events in chronological order.

+ April 2015 Case Submitted

+ May 2015 Case Selected in lottery.

+ Dec ( end of Dec ) Case Approval Received.

+ 2 FEB 2016: Attended H1b visa interview & Received 221g requesting
“detailed project document”
+ 22 FEB 2016 Submitted the same via email on 22 Feb
+ Was waiting & following up , but no updates till 3 May
+ 3 MAY 2016 – Received email , requesting same document again
+ 4 MAY 2016 – this time they acknowledge for recipient of document

+ followed up via call to US visa center , via email, they don't have any updates on this case.
+ till date – its shows same status : “Administrative Processing”

+ March End : The Immigration officers team visited my petitioner's as well as client's office personally , verified the places,papers etc.

+ but still the case shows "Administrative processing" and no updates in case dates.

Appreciate your help in this matter.


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These days ever single H1-B who left the US port and comes to India for stamping or renewal are getting Administrative Processing. On research, it appears that this is due to Donald Trump's remarks over H1-B Visa holders. People in US Embassy just hold the flag up to Administrative Processing so that they can do intense scrutiny.

This is really time taking process and would definitely frustrate the person who stuck into it. But no one can do anything except waiting patiently. 

Good part is that, most people get successful through this process after certain waiting time.

I can share this now based on my experience and studying different cases on various forums plus cases with people within my circle.


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This is a pathetic example of the immigration system in the USA. An application approved by USCIS is not honored at all by DHS.

Worse, the Visa approved by DHS is not honored by officers at the port of entry. They should do all the verification first (no matter how long it takes, including site visits and all other "background" checks) and only then put the H-1b seal directly on the passport with certainty.

Unfortunately, I can only vent about it. No one in the department of state cares.

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