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Sumit Rao

N-400 Processing time, Notification

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During my citizenship process, I intend to go out of country for couple of weeks.
I will be applying for citizenship from central New Jersey. I guess Vermont processing center and Newark district.
1. Any idea how long my citizenship processing will take ?
a. Bio metrics date
b. Interview ?

2. Regarding interview- Will they ALSo notify me on email or text message about the interview dates ? Or only by mail ? In case I am not at home, will I be able to check information about my scheduled interview date ?


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The processing times are on the USCIS website.

They may nowadays also email the interview date. Back during my process, they only mailed a letter. It is best to have somebody at home who can open your mail.


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Email notification or SMS notification do NOT say when the interview is scheduled. It just says that it is scheduled and actual date-time and place of interview is sent in the mail. With current trends, biometric is expected to be completing after around 4 weeks of filing and then give it about 2 to 3 months to complete the background check and your case will be inline for interview (you will get this status alert online/sms). From there it is per USCIS processing times which varies from service center to service center. Generally overall process is taking 8 to 10 months which was completing  in around 3 to 6 months last year.

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