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new H1B Amendment when existing Amendment in Process

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I used to work for Client A Until October 2016.I got my LCA and H1B Amendment approved and also H1b extended  until May 2018.

I moved to a new project with Client B in November. My H1B Amendment with Client B is still pending. I am done with my assignment in April 2017.

Now i am again back with Client A due to start with them in May 2017 at the same work location but with different job duties which fall under the realm of development for the previous position that i used to  work. The position is the same but the verbage of job duties have been changed. Now my questions are :


1. Do i need to again file for a new LCA and H1B Amendment?

2. Could i use the older approved H1B amendment to work for Client A ?


Could someone advice




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Withdraw the pending amendment as soon as possible. Pending amendment is for client B right and this project is over and you are going back to previous client which your current h1 was filed and approved based on that client A location right.  Just withdraw pending amendment and you don't need to file any new amendment. Your employer and his lawyer will help on withdrawal. 

If your pending amendment gets approved in next 2-3 weeks then you may need to file again new amendment i guess but don't let that happen. Ask your employer lawyer to send withdrawal letter to uscis. For withdrawal it takes up to 4 months if it is california center ( as per my experience). There is no time period for this but as long as your lawyer sent withdrawal letter and keep copy of that for your reference then fine. 

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