RFE on 485 PD 8/2005

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I got an RFE today regarding my 485 and it asks for G325 medicals and the Suppliment J AC21. 

Now I have an appproved 140 based on a computer programmer analyst and since getting my EAD I have changed my jobs over a few times and my titles have changed from

System analyst 

IT manager 

Director of IT

Director of Product

and now VP of Operations

this has been 12 years since my PD. 

Has anyone had any experiences with relying to the supplement J with this progression of work and promotions. Will my green card be denied. I am worried that this will be an issue. The company that applied for my GC will still have the job for me. But is this a deal breaker???

please help. 


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The job has to match the LC, even if you change jobs. Your current job seems to be quite different from the job description in the LC.

You need to discuss your situation with a good immigration lawyer.

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No, this is not a deal breaker from what I know as this is the intention of AC-21 to allow job portability/growth in the same field. Follow what the experts have said and work with your company lawyer.

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Hi Sundozo

       I'm in the same situation.   Can you pls update how you handled the RFE?



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