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Employer decided not to hire me due to premium process on hold

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I almost got an offer from employer until they realized I need H1b transfer (it was in the application and I guess they overlooked). They had no problem with H1b transfer and green card except that they were very concerned about premium processing on hold. I think I lost this opportunity due to visa processing time and I'm wondering how I can convince my potential employers regarding this.

How can I convince my potential employer regarding this issue?

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No other option unless employer badly needs your skill-sets and experience. i won't recommend this to anybody but if the new employer is big and reputed company and direct employment and if you don't have any previous RFE's with USCIS and if you have all proper documentation, you can convince them by saying that you can start working on the basis of receipt notice but still risky, you may get RFE during transfer or it may get denied after several months of transfer process so you have options but up to you or you can schedule a quick consultation with Murthy and get suggestions from their very helpful attorney's.

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