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Hi All,

I had applied for H-1B extension under premium processing. I got a receipt number and a receipt date (3/30/17). But, my attorney made a big mistake  and forgot to sign the premium processing fee form. So today, the USCIS has returned the $1225 fee to the attorney. The attorney's office sent an apology email accepting their mistake.

I want to know what my options are. Is there a way by which I can petition the USCIS to re-consider my application under premium process (esp. after 04/03 deadline)? Will the USCIS automatically change my application from premium to regular process? Or, do I need to do anything from my side? 

Is there anything else that I need to be aware/careful of in this situation.

Thanks in advance.

Murthy S

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Since your employer/lawyer made a mistake and returned i guess your's will go under regular processing but your company attorney can always get answers from USCIS, check with them.

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