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Item Number 9- Time outside United States-Form N400

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Hello Gurus

Have a question regarding item # 9, in N-400- Time Outside United States:

1) The N400 instruction clearly says to provide  total number of days (24 hours or longer) you spent outside the United States during the last
5 years and total number of trips (24 hours or longer) you have taken outside the United States during the last 5 years. It does not says to provide details of time spent out of US or travel details  since one has got GC.  Say it has been 6 years since I got GC, it is advisable to furnish details of travel outside US, since one has got GC or stick to 5 yrs, as mentioned on the N-400 Instruction. ( eg, if GC date is 31 July 2011, and filing for N-400 now, the 5 yrs end on 31 July 2012. Is it advisable to furnish travel details for out of US travel in Dec 2011)

2) I got my GC on 31 March 2012 and on 31 March, 2017, I completed 5 yrs of continuous stay . I had traveled out of US in Jan 2012, which is before the 5 last yrs ( last year years, starting today would be April 2012. I had this travel in Jan, 2012) .For the purpose of furnishing travel details, in item 9, for N-400, Is it advisable to furnish this travel detail as well or stick to the N-400 instruction,

3) I had a couple of travel to Mexico, where, I went to Mexico in morning and came back in evening. The trip did not last for 24 hours or more. There were more than one trips of such nature. Basically went to Mexico for work, we used to stay in US side of border and go to mexico in morning and come back to US same day evening. Are these travel detail also advisable to be furnished? N400 form and the instruction form clearly states details for travel lasting for 24 hours or more.


Please advice





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They only want details about the last 5 years. Also use your common sense for single days and if necessary inform the Officer at the Interview. It is a formality unless there are major discrepancies and this is not the norm in the vast majority of cases.

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