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Venkata C

Process involved in H1-B to Tier 2 ICT UK Visa

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Hello Experts,


I am looking for some direction with regards to a position change with my employer.

I am currently working with this exployer (XYZ US Inc.) on H1-b visa since 30 months, is proposing me to take up a position in its London UK office (XYZ UK) on Tier 2 -Inter Company Transfer visa and relocate for at the least 2 years starting June-2017. 

I am excited with the opportunity and curious as well to understand the intricacies involved in a probable move.

--> I'm in the process of kick starting my GC process on EB2 and I would like to understand if it would be affected in any way with my out of the country assignment. 

--> What impact would this have on my current H1-B and a requeired stamping for extension due in Oct-2018

--> Assuming this is a short term engagement for 2 years(with a possible extension), what are my chances of moving back to US, keeping my H1-B up and active

-->Would there be a concern if I wish to change my employer either during the stay in UK or at the time of coming back to US.


It would be of a great help as I am eagerly waiting for your patient response. 

Do let me know if any additional information is needed.








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1. They file the Immigration petition. What is the status of that process?

2. You are in H1 status only as long as you are in the country. Any extension is redundant if you are not here.

3. Up to your company. Unlike other countries you need a job to work here.

4. This makes no sense. Once cap counted you have a total of 6 years in H1 status over any number of years as the rule now stands.

If you thought the forum meant the Murthy firm, that is not correct.

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