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H4 travel

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Hi, I have applied for H1B visa for 2017, got an RFE and it was replied by first March, and it's status is as since 

My wife is presently in US on h1b, and I would like to go and visit/stay with her for couple of months on h4.

While filling up the ds160 form for H4, it asks about the present employment details.

- My employer name would be different in ds160 for H4, than what is mentioned in H1 petition, would this jeopardize either of the application since different employer's involved in both the application.

- Do I make my intention clear to the immigration officer that I would be there for just a couple of months and would then come back to my home country.

- Is it necessary to get some letters stating that I am going for a long leave or sabatical or leave of pay, etc..


Kindly advise

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They are asking you for true facts and not your assumptions.

For the H4 visa you do not have to make any intention clear. DO not volunteer information.

No need for any letter.

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