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Dear Attorney,

My wife got matched in the residency program at a hospital and currently my wife does have a valid H4-EAD till March 2019 and my H1B I797 is valid till October 2019.  Now we are in a dilemma whether to continue the residency program duration of 3 years i.e. till June 2020 on H4 -EAD or not.

As we keep hearing the news regd USCIS or the new administration is planning to revoke or consider revisions to H4-EAD, we dont know whether to take a risk of continuing on H4-EAD or as the hospital does even sponsor J1.  So to be on safer side , is it better to go with J1 visa.

We heard J1 visas are little tedious and will sponsor on a yearly basis, We are in a dilemma to choose between H4-EAD or J1. Please do suggest whats the best option and your suggestions would be highly appreciated.



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The wannabe dictator plans a lot. But the US Constitution limits what he can do.


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H4 EAD is clearly the way to go!! if you want J-1 later - it wont take too long to get it!


personal opinion - not legal opinion!

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