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I140 Rfe

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I recently got i140 rfe.

The Rfe is because of the name change.they are asking additional document to support my cade.

My previous name was Padma selvaraj(Padma.s).  My school , college  certs carries this name.

I changed the name to Priya.A.S. (Priya arumugam selvaraj) bearing my grandfather's name..

I have changed it through Government gazette.I have a copy of it. Newspaper advertisement in English and local language.

My passport have my new name(first page have a stamp stating my old name is padma.s)., marriage certificate, income tax returns,house document all in new name..and have 2 affidavit One from my father and one from myself.

Apart from these any other document should I submit?

Kindly give some clarity. I have less than 20 days to respond to this rfe.


Thankyou in advance.



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