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H1B Successful Stamping at Matamoros on March 14th

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Hi Folks,

I wanted to share my successful H1B and H4 (for my wife) visa stamping in Matamoros on Mar 14th and give as many details and info as I can. Here's my initial information:

Completed my masters in 2007 and was on H1B since 10 years with the same employer with I140 approved as of 2011. Drove down to Brownsville, TX from Dallas and parked the car at UETA duty free parking ( reliable parking space recommended by Mr. Salvador). It's $5/day.

Used Salvador services and stayed at his hotel (best western). Very warm and humble person. He's very helpful, understanding and makes sure there no confusion around. His employers and himself are very reliable. I would certainly recommend to use his hotel and services. The food at the restaurant was good enough for no vegetarians and vegetarians too.

Salvador Castaneda

Initial Mexico Border Crossing:

 We had the valid stamping in the passport till Sept 2017. Mr. Salvador was there to pick us up at the UETA duty free parking lot and drove us through the Mexico Border. We never stopped at the Mexico Border to get the Permit ($25/person) as Salvador did inform us that we don't require it as the prior stamping was still valid in the passport. 

March 13th: Finger printing and photo. Please do not forget to take the latest I797 original. There were 5 people ( 3 families including us at the hotel) and 2 guys. All of us were from Dallas and the appointment at 9:00 AM. Mr. Salvador and his team pick us up form the hotel, drop us at the finger printing location and drop us back at the hotel The whole finger printing and photo took an hour. 

March 14th:

We had the appointment at 8. Again Mr. Salvador and team were the ones who drove us to the consulate. 

We were there by 7:45, completed the security check and sat in front of one of the counters for the interview. Here were the questions asked:

Can I have ur 797
What do you do for XXXXX
How long have you been working for XXXXX
What does XXXXX exactly do..
Can I have your masters degree
What was ur major in masters
Can I have your masters transcript 
Can I have your marriage certificate
Is ur I140 approved..can you show me the copy

The lady VO did approve after 3 mins of questioning and verifying. The other families had similar questions and everyone had their visas approved. There was only 1 221g  for one of the guys. He was trying to get the status change (F1 to H1B) visa transfer for the first time. He was rejected and later he booked a visa slot at Vancouver as he already had an active Canadian tourist visa.

Border crossing:

We did return at 3:PM on the same day to collect our passports. Later Mr. Salvador and team did drop us close to the Mexico border. Once you do enter the immigration building, need to hand over the passports along with a slip provided by the initial check officer. We were then waiting for about 2.5 hours and then we (my wife n I ) were called over by the immigration officer. You might have to wait for min of 60 mins to 3 hours depending on number of people waiting in that room. Please be patient as with the officers as they are very much tied up with lots of cases.

Port of entry officer questions:

1) Can i have your address where you do stay. I provided the utility bill. 

2) What do you do.

Finger printed, photo taken and stamped. Paid $6 for each I94 and entered US.

 Hopefully this should answer most of your questions. Many of you still have worries over stamping under the present circumstances. Please make sure you do have all the documents and the process would get that simpler.

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Thank you for detailed post . Just had a quick .. any issues going with EVC or EVVC model ?

have letters from all vendors and client 

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Currently what we see the current trend is the questions related to employer mainly and not the client. Guess it should not matter. Just make sure you do have the contract to be on the safe side.

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