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Arrested for DWI and H1B extension

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Thanks for sharing your experience in this forum.

On 6/29/2019 at 9:20 PM, shabee said:

Update :

Went to India on April 28 , 2019 for vacation and attended h1 visa interview.

April 30:

biometric screening

may 1 ( visa interview)

VO: morning!

me: morning officer!

VO: are you still working for xyz

me: yes

VO: designation and responsibilities?

me: told and she cuts me in the middle

VO: did your employer ever underpay you

me: no

VO: do you have your most recent paystubs

me: gave the info and relevant docs

VO: sir , when were you arrested?

me: told

VO: sir , do u have all the docs

me: handed over all the doc

VO: how did that happen and explain

me: told everything that transpired on the day of arrest truthfully. All the while she was browsing thru the docs.

VO: Still checking the docs , "sir I ll have to tell u that DWI is a serious crime and driving while drunk is dangerous to u and to others"

me: I understand

VO: Finishes looking at the docs and says "fair enough"

me: okay

VO: unfortunately I can't approve ur visa today and you ll have to go thru physician panel evaluation and gives me 221g yellow slip and returns my passport and all the docs.

me: got it

VO: everything clear? any questions?

me: I repeat what she said earlier so that I understood her clearly

VO: yes and you have a great day!

me: Thanks mam and you too

Interview lasted for close to five mins. The way VO responded and her overall attitude I was very confident that everything will be fine after the interview.

I immediately called up center for migration medicine(that's where I asked to go and the details are in yellow slip. F olks goin for interview in HYD , google it) and no response from them as may 1 is labor day holiday. Called next day and was told that the entire process is now online and I have to schedule the appointment online as well. 

Got the physicians appt on may 8 (yes a week after the visa interview. Kind of pissed off with those guys but later When I visited them, realized that they are swamped with ppl goin to Canada , Australia and New Zealand). 

May 8

Went to the physician's office at 9 AM. paid INR 13,000. Went through all the tests(had to bring 7 photographs and print outs of all the DWI related docs ). Was called for physicians evaluation right abt at 2 PM. He asked some basic questions abt drinking habits and abt the arrest. answered everything truthfully. It lasted for about 5 min and I was told that if everything goes fine , the results will be delivered to the embassy in abt 3-5 days. 

May 13

Got a call from physicians office informing me that the evaluation report has been submitted to embassy. The same day got an email from consulate asking me to submit my passport

may 14

Dropped off passport at VFS center(just the passport ,221 g slip and submission checklist documents are taken at VFS. no court records , nothing taken. kind of surprised me. anyways moving on....)

May 15 , may 17, may 22

CEAC website gets updated on each of the above date but the status still remains "administrative processing"

May 24

status changes to "Issued" in the late afternoon.

May 25 and 26 - weekend

may 27

US holiday

May 28

collected passport at VFS center

June 28 

Travelled back to US. port of entry in Dallas, TX. Pulled in for secondary inspection. waited for about 15-20 min , was called and handed over my passport and was told that I am good to go by CBP officer(doubled checked the immigration stamp and i94 expiry date and everything was perfect!)

So folks , don't freak out , mistakes happen . don't repeat and stay focused , everything will be fine 🙂

I started this thread when I was arrested and I kind of updated this with the info at all the key stages of DWI and aftermath. Hope this helps.


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Employer applied for H1 renewal  on April 20th, as my current one expires by sep 2020. Online USCIS status changed to Approved on may 6th.

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thanks for sharing everything.
can you share me what documents generally did you took at time of stamping.

i mean court Disposition document and just arrest info sheet ?

i got court disposition document, arrest info sheet and some screenshot document, court people are telling these are the documents we have.

Those three documents are enough? Or I have to take any document with the arresting agency??

please let me know 

thanks in advance.

Edited by devudu

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