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Sumit Rao

Citizenship for "near expiring" GC

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Dear Knowledgeable Advisors,

My  and wife's GC (obtained through my employment) is expiring in Dec 2017. I have spent most of 9 years in US except 3-4 month of cumulative vacations abroad during this period. I intend to obtain citizen ship by applying for it now. I believe, the expected period to obtain it can be up to 6-7 months. I also need to visit India during kids vacation in Jun-July. I do not want to take any risk with my citizenship.:

1. Can my vacation trip to India cause any risk to whether citizenship is awarded or not ?
2. After India vacation, if I reenter US on my valid GC in July-Aug. Is there any risk due to changing immigration policy ?
3. Should I apply for GC extension ? as a precautionary measure for scenario like my citizenship does not get approved before GC expiry ?
4. What is the status after GC is expired and there is no valid citizenship obtained yet?

Quite a few questions.. Thanks in advance for your kind advice.

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1. NO

2. NO

3. YES. Since you have to carry an unexpired GC at all times

4. Try not to let it happen. Even if the GC has expired citizenship will be processed as usual.

Do not try any short cuts in Trumps world. The remainder of the 4 years will go by and we will be back to normal.

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Thank you very much!

#3 - I have 9 months before GC expiry. What is fastest way to get my GC extension ?

If I apply GC extension, will that affect my Citizenship application processing ?

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Pontevecchio, Thanks much.

Normally, within how many days we can expect renewal ? Do they provide any documental proof of application for legal status if renewal is received till GC expiry ?


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