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CPT - Internship

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I am planning to take Internship through CPT. I have few questions -

1. Does anybody gets RFE even on CPTs.

2. Can one work more than 40 hrs in CPTs.

3. What will be the pay  - W2 or 1099.


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The university DSO will guide you through that, if it is legitimate CPT. CPT has to be an integral part of the curriculum.

Summer internship which are not tied to a particular class have to be done with pre-completion OPT.

And with a CPT, you have to continue to fulfill the F1 requirements, i.e., being enrolled fulltime. How would you do that with working 40+ hours? If you don't study fulltime, you would be out of status.

Also, it is employment, so you would get a W2.

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22 hours ago, Thien N said:

2. Yes, if only your last semester consists only 1-2 classes (6 credit hours) and below.

I worked full time during CPT before.

CPT is only for work as integral part of the curriculum.

If you only have one or two classes left that doesn't mean you can just do CPT. CPT has to be a requirement for graduation, so you would not just have "1-2 classes" left to do.

You could do pre-completion OPT in the situation you describe, but not CPT.


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