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N-400 Interview

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I went for the interview 2 weeks ago at the Dallas office. Overall process was easy but I have two concerns:

1. After the interview I was told that I have passed the exam and my case will recommend for the approval. However now I see on my case status showing that "Case Was Submitted For Quality Review Based On An Approval Recommendation". Is this a standard process?

2. My wife also had the interview the same day and she was interviewed by a different officer. During the interview they found some mismatching SSN on some other application (Other then N400). I'm not sure which other application they were reviewing at the time of the N400 interview. Then they asked my wife to verify the correct SSN. She verbally confirmed the correct SSN. Then the officer told her that he needs to fill-out her application all over again and then it needs to be approved by his supervisor in the evening. At the end of the interview he gave her the letter stating that she has passed the exam but a decision cannot be made on her application. The interviewing officer also told her that this new application will be approved by the supervisor and then it will be submitted for final approvals. It has been 2 weeks and the online application status is still showing that her interview was scheduled and no further updates after that. Should I be concerned at this time? What should be my next steps? Any guidance will be much appreciated.

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I am in simillar situation. Case approved but quality review. How long has is been showing that message?  MY number starts with IOE... some one said some thing like IOE  applications are electronic and have a different process..

Not sure if that was right.

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After the interview, they have max. 120 days to make a decision. If they don't make a decision in that timeframe, you can file a Writ of Mandamus. They usually react very quickly to that.

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