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Husband Passed Away in USA in 2016.Need Info Please

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My husband passed away in 2016 in USA.
Our I-485 is pending .we have our Green Card EAD and Advance Parole till 2018 .
I am planning to visit India this year(2017).
I wanted to know if it is safe to travel to India.I am planning to return in 3 weeks .
As the primary applicant is no more and it is through my husband that the Green Card was filed ,I wanted to know if traveling to India and returning is safe ?
Please let me know your thoughts at the earliest.

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Dear pontevecchio,


Thanks for the response  and thank you for the condolences. 

My attorney has sent a 204(L)  letter to USCIS  informing the same . I have not received any response from USCIS on the same . My attorney says if USCIS had an issue they would have responded back but as they have not responded, it means they have accepted the 204(L) letter.
I am still concerned if travelling to India will be OK?

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You should ask your Lawyer this question as my response will be based on logic and the law is not logical. You should be able to travel. ASK him. I do agree that no response means all's well. You will get your GC.

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