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Thien N

Green card while on OPT (not OPT-extension)

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So my situation is rather special.

I have CS degree (STEM), and am eligible to apply for OPT-extension. The current company I am working at does not have E-verify, and doesn't want to enroll in E-verify, which left me to other choice, either H1-B or EB-3.

H1-B: Apply in April, if fail then I have to go back to school (don't really want to switch company, it's hard to find a job in my place anyway). I don't really have money to do this.


- will it be okay to apply for EB-3 under OPT? my OPT expired in May 15, 2016. I'm Vietnamese, and upon checking on Visa Bulletin, the current priority date is 1 - Oct - 2016 (3 months)

- I don't plan to travel, will it affect my F-1 status after my company submit the documents?

- I still have 3 months unemployment.



If you guys have any questions that need to ask, please feel free to do so.


Thank you in advance.




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It is possible to start the GC process while on F1 (OPT is not a status.)

Travel can be an issue, as can the PD, if it retrogresses. It is best to discuss this with a lawyer.

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