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PWD getting denied

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I have been working for almost 10+ years and have I140 approved from my previous employer. I changed my job in 2015. My current employer applied for a new H1B which got approved and is valid until 2018. My current employer has applied for my PWD and it has been rejected 3 times. My title has "Project Manager" in it so I have been told by lawyers it has been incorrectly categorized as such what DOL expects my wage to be does not match what I actually make hence the denial. Has anyone experienced this? What did you do to get PWD approved? 

Also, can I still get my H1B extended beyond 2018 with my I140 that was approved with my previous employer? 


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Hi SD,

Did you get your PWD approved? What need to be change or what was the reason of rejected. Same thing happen to me and i am little confused why its happening.



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