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Parents visiting on visitor visa

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My parents-in-law are planning to visit us and help us during and after the birth of our baby. The baby has been diagnosed with a heart defect and would require a surgery immediatly after the birth.

We have several questions on how we plan their trip to make it most useful. We have several questions related to that:

1. Is the 6 months stay limit for the USA or entire North America. My sister- in law lives in Canada and they want to visit her as well after our visit. Is it possible for them to come visit us in US first, stay with us for 6 months and then go to Canada and stay there for few months and then return back to India from Canada?  Does officers in port of entry in USA requires visitors to have an exit flight also from USA?

2. Is it possible for us to apply for their extension. With the baby undergoing surgery, we will really need a lot of help. Is it possible to get an extension or is it not guaranteed?

3.  If they have to and fro flight from Canada, will their stay in Canada be considered in the 6 month stay limit? Is it possible for  them to come to Canada first, stay there for 15 days and then come to US, stay with us for 6 months( and we will try for extension) and then they return back and exit from Canada?

4. If they come to US for 6 months and during that tenure how long can they go to Canada and stay? Is 30 day period apply to it or they can stay beyond 30 day

Thanks you




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1. It is specific for USA.Yes they can return back from Canada. No issues. Not necessary to have exit flight from USA. But having a return ticket is necessary.

2. You can apply extension but it is not guaranteed.

3. It will not be considered as part of their 6 months stay.

4. It is up to them. They can stay beyond 30 day period.

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