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chandrika waghray

medical student - b1visa rejected

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I recently attended visa interview and was denied for b1visa type. I am a medical student and sought to do a 4 week medical internship in a certain medical university in the U.S. I answered that my brother pays for my expenses ( who is also in US but non immigrant). However, I didn't mention anything about where he stays as they didn't ask me. I couldn't understand the exact reason for the denial. Please help me with this. I attached an image of conversation with the VO.

please tell me how soon can I re-apply, because the time for my elective in the university is nearing.

thank you.

CamScanner-New Document 19-W20Y00e20W00b40940810W10-001.jpg

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can we mention a non immigrant relations overseas ?

do i have to mention beforehand that i am going to return to India for sure after those 4 weeks with out being asked ?

how much role does having assets and bank balance in huge sums help in fetching us visa ? To prove strong ties with India I would like to say that I'm going to return to India for sure so as to complete my graduation and get medical degree.

after going through my post and conversation, please tell me what changes can I make to get my visa approved. I await your valuable suggestions.

thank you.

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A B1 is not for doing an internship, it is for business visits. You would have to get a J1 for that.


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